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Tools, Automatic dies for – BOBST Die,
Eterna Dies, & Embossing Dies.
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Satyam Die a Computerized Laser Die Makers Sharpness With accuracy.

Fifteen Years of Top Experience

SATYAM DIE TECH is strongly determined to bring a latest, fast, accurate & affordable technology for die board making for printing & packaging industry. We just don”t make the cutting dies but we provide TOTAL SOLUTION FOR DIE BOARD. We keep providing related and advanced technology such that we can help our customers to expand their business.

At SATYAM DIE TECH our dedicated team of employees is highly experienced & highly skilled, that enables our clients to feel confident that we understand their exact requirements and are able to match the correct equipments to their needs. Through our team of buyers around the world we are able to offer latest, fast, affordable & accurate technology & materials for die making industry. Our sales team and engineers are well trained for after sales services.

Increasingly clients are turning to SATYAM DIE TECH to maximize their investments through converting their manual die shop to full automatic die unit that may beyond their available budget. Many return to us again as a result of our excellent services and guaranteed quality.


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✔️ Well-equipped factory in Ahmedabad.
✔️ Top-of-the-line laser cutting machine with pulse cutting option.
✔️ Back-up laser cutting machine.
✔️ Rule Bending Machines
✔️ Pertex and rubber cutting machine with counter steel plate milling attachment.
✔️ Block engraving.
✔️ Die assembly section with highly skilled employees

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Frequently Asked Questions

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DIE - Device Intended For Exploration.

A die tool or device for imparting a desired shape, form, or finish to a material. Examples include a perforated block through which metal or plastic is drawn or extruded, the hardened steel forms for producing the patterns on coins and medals by pressure, and the hollow molds into which metal or plastic is forced.

Die is defined as to stop living, existing or fade away. An example of die is pulling a plant out of the ground by its' roots. An example of die is a person's heart stopping and their brain no longer having activity.

Forming operations work by deforming materials like sheet metal or plastic using force (compression, tension, or both) and rely on the material's mechanical properties. Forming dies are typically made by tool and die makers and put into production after mounting into a press.

Our Mission

A tool and die maker is someone who sets up and operates a variety of computer-controlled or mechanically-controlled machine tools to produce precision metal parts, instruments, and tools. They work in machine shops and tool rooms and on factory floors.

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